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Herbal Ointment Balmflower traditional remedy for scalp irritations, inflammations and dandruff

Herbal ointment used to help improve skin and scalp conditions, reduce irritation, combat eczema and dermatitis. All natural formulation is obtained by direct extraction of herbs into the carrier oil. The ointment contains no artificial ingredients no mineral oils no lanolin no animal fats.

Balmflower helps relieve itching, irritations, inflammations, combat dandruff. Ointment promotes healthy skin and may be used continuously even on most sensitive types of skin. Best when used within 6 months of purchase. To preserve the activity keep closed, in dark, cool place.
Ingredients: Burdock root, Calendula flowers, Lemon balm, Strawflower, Black Walnut, Shavegrass, wheat germ oil, extra virgine olive oil, Bee wax. Traditional herbal remedy to help combat skin and scalp problems

Ointment Balmflower - 1 fl oz - $ 12.99 -


To help reverse skin irritation - massage into the skin every day until conditions improve. For better results apply twice a day, let work overnight.

To relieve stressed scalp itching and flaking, combat dandruff - rinse hair thoroughly after the hair wash. Use spring or distilled water after rinsing with regular water. Dry hair with towel, leaving slightly damp. Gently massage Balmflower into the hair roots in affected areas. Repeat the administration of Balmflover every once twice a day until conditions improve.

To help combat eczema apply to the affected areas, gently massage in. For better results use twice a day. To promote the effect, reduce meat consumption, avoid spices, eggs, excessive alcohol, eat plenty of fruits, mushrooms and vegetables, include real butter, olive oil, fresh carrot juice and freshly made orange/lemon juice in the diet. There are many different types of eczema, and no single remedy is equally effective against each. Some skin irritations may be caused by allergens present in the food. Such disorders may not be completely healed unless the changes in the diet are made. Consult with health professional if skin problems are chronic or reappearing.

SBC Ointment (Sea Buckthorn/Coconut Ointment) helps reverse damaging effects of skin exposure to sun

herbal ointment helps reverse sun damage to skinHerbal ointment to help reverse sun and weather related skin damage. All natural formulation of herbal oils and extracts with skin restoring, revitalizing anti-irritation properties. Helps reverse inflammation, prevent blister formation and calm itching, promotes recovery of minor lesions. When used continuously helps get rid of sunspots, restore natural fresh skin look and shine. Contains no artificial or synthetic ingredients, no preservatives, no animal fats, no lanolin. May be uses on skin, scalp and mucous membranes.
The SBC ointment is rich in natural herbal waxes with firming, smoothing and long-lasting moisturizing effect. Keep in dark cool place. For longer storage keep in the refrigerator.
Ingredients: Sea Buckthorn oil extract, Calendula oil extract, Plantain oil, virgin Coconut oil, Red Palm tree oil, Natural vitamin E, Palmarosa essential oil, Helichrysum ( Immortele) essential oil.

SBC Ointment- 1 fl oz - $ 17.99 - - -

Plantain Myrrh ointment - restorative and nourishing skin treatment

Herbal ointment helps support revitatize skin

Plantain and Myrrh preparations are traditionally used in night creams to reduce and reverse skin aging processes help combat wrinkles formation and improve general skin complexion and appeal. Plantain extract is rich in liposoluble antioxidants which are directly absorbed and assimilated by the skin. Myrrh extract and Myrhh essence are well recognized for skin nourishing and restorative action and traditionally used in anti-aging skin creams. The recognition of the Myrrh skin healing and restorative effect is illustrated by the fact that it is one of the few herbal remedies referred to in the Bible. Presence of both Myrrh essence and extract in the ointment provides full range of Myrrh liposoluble ingredients.

Suggested use: as night restorative nutrient application for the skin. Apply minimal amount on clean dry skin.

Ingredients: Plantain extract, Calendula extract, Rose Hip extract, Myrrh extract, Yarrow extract, Natural vitamin E, Myrrh essence, Sandalwood essence, Bee wax, Mango butter.

Plantain Myrrh Ointment- 1 fl oz - $ 16.99 - - -

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All natural - all products on this page are all natural and free of artificial ingredients, preservatives, emulsifiers and stabilizers
Keep in cool dark place, refrigerate for longer storage

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