Herbal Bath Oils Juste Milleu - combine aromatherapy and skin nourishment

- Elegia -Lavender bath oil

- Chamomile bath oil

- Sage bath oil

- Eucalyptus bath oil
Aromatherapy bath soaks from Floraleads GR offer balanced blend of herbal extracts, herbal essential oils and skin nourishing vegetable oils. Herbal bath soak or tub soak is one of the most enjoyable ways of therapy, relaxation and recreation. Proprietary Juste Milleu formulation improves the bioavailability of active ingredients and enhances aromatherapy effects. Aromatic herbal baths have been referred to as "body and soul therapy" since they positively affects one's mood and general well-being. Juste Milleu is a unique bath soak formulation which brings together benefits of herbal aromatherapy and advantages of skin treatment with herbal nutrients.

Formulation of Juste Mulleu bath soaks and construction of the sprayer are designed to produce fine emulsion in the warm water. Water emulsion of lipophilic nutrients is optimal for skin assimilation as well as for the aromatherapy action. Spray with a strong push, holding the sprayer above the water. . Stir the water and enjoy.

Bath oil Elegia

Herbal bath soak helps relax, wash away stress, dissolve anxiety Relaxing bath oil has two main modes of action: skin care and relaxing. It increases the bioavailability of herbal nutrients and optimizes the conditions for their assimilation by the skin. The skin is treated, cleansed and healed with the essential oils and moisturized and lubricated with the combination of vegetable oils and herbal extracts. Herbal oils and extracts help nourish and revitalize the skin.

The aromatherapy relaxing effect helps wash out stress, dilute anxiety, dissolve tension. Take the bath before the bed time to help improve sleep quality. Regular application of Elegia helps combat irritation, reduce excessive mood swings, restlessness and reverse negative effects of chronic stress.

Directions. Bath soak: use 3 - 5 sprays for a full size bath. Soak for 15 - 20 min. Refresh the bath after 10 min with another 2 - 4 sprays. Alternatively, for enhanced aromatherapy effect spray every one - two minutes up to a total of 8 - 10 sprays. One 8 fl. oz. bottle makes 30 - 50 full size baths.
Use also for foot bath, hand bath

Ingredients: Essential oils of Lavender, Chamomile, Jasmine, Bergamot, Peppermint, Orange. Other ingredients; Natural Vitamin E oil, Sweet Almond oil, Tween 80.

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Please note:

Juste Mulleu bath oils are formulated and sprayer head is adjusted to produce fine emulsion in the warm water. Water emulsion is optimal for assimilation by the skin as well as for aromatherapy effect. Spray with a strong push, holding the sprayer above the water. Stir the water and enjoy.



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Bath additives to support health beneficial action of aromatic herbal baths

Apple cider vinegar - for oily skin use 2 cups for the bath , for mature skin use 1 cup for the bath
Honey - for dry skin and normal skin use 1 table spoon for the baths, for mature skin 1 - 2 table spoons for the bath for mature skin (dissolve in hot water before adding to the bathtub)
Whole milk - for normal, dry, sensitive skin use 1 to 2 quarts for the baths.
The presence of soap and shampoo may diminish the effect of essential oils and herbal extracts, preventing them from thoroughly penetrating and stimulating the skin. Therefore, cleansing shower or soap bath may be suggested before aromatic herbal bath.

Cleopatra bath - beauty bath employed to help maintain and rejuvenate the skin. May be used in combination with any aromatic herbal bath oil. Cleopatra was devoted to a beauty care ever since childhood. According to a legend, she used to take three different herbal baths every day. This composition was one of her routinely used bath treatments and may be easily made at home. Ingredients: whole milk (fat free milk is not good), honey, olive or almond oil.
Directions: Bring 1/2 gal of milk to near boiling (do not let boil). Warm up 6 - 8 oz. of honey and dissolve it in hot milk. Add 2 table spoons of oil and shake well. Pour into the bath filled with warm water. Take the bath for 20 - 30 min or until fill comfortable. May be used in combination with any aromatic herbal bath. Especially helpful for mature and dry skin.

Aromatic herbal bath oils Juste Milleu
contain one semi-synthetic ingredient -an emulsifier Tween 80 utilized to improve the stability and bioavailability of the formulation. It also enhances both intensity and duration of aromatherapy effect. Tween 80 (chemical name - polyoxyethylenesorbitan monooleat) is a derivative of naturally occurring fatty acid, and is approved by FDA for the use in cosmetic and personal care products. Bath oils are developed as a result of continuous efforts to improve the stability of the traditional herbal products. Juste Milleu bath oils are formulated to make an emulsion in the warm water to promote the assimilation of essential nutrients and extend aromatherapy action. The emulsion may be noticed as water becomes slightly cloudy. Aromatic herbal baths oils of Juste Milleu line are able to deliver equal, if not better quality as traditional freshly made bath oil recipes and to maintain it for much longer time. Tween 80 is one of mildest and most biocompatible emulsifiers. It is much softer and friendlier to the skin than Laurel or Laureth salts, usually used in bath and shower products. It is widely used in cosmetics, personal care and pharmaceuticals. Aromatic herbal baths employ the lowest possible content of tween 80, which in the bathtub is tens of thousand times lower than the concentration approved for cosmetic and personal care products. Only high quality tween 80 is used in the preparation of bath formulas. The grade is qualified as cell culture reagent, meaning that its presence (in the concentrations much higher than in the bath) will not harm the growth of animal or human cells in the cell culture. For those who are not sure about the use of tween 80, we would like to remind that regular soap is also semi-synthetic derivative of naturally occurring fatty acids and suggest herbal bath tea sachets, which are 100% natural, as all our other herbal products.

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