Herbal Bath Teas
Traditional herbal bath teas, herbal soaks wraps and rinses for relaxation, recreation, therapy

Bath teas have been used to help maintain and improve healthy skin and hair, relieve pain and reverse exhaustion, resist cold and flu. Herbal baths were traditionally utilized for the treatment of skin conditions, including acne, dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis, scalp itching, flaking and dandruff. Body teas help combat cold and flu, muscular aches and pains, rheumatism and arthritis. Herbal soaks and wraps are safe and helpful remedy against stress, anxiety, insomnia, they help reverse fatigue and loss of energy, improve alertness and performance. Bath tea formulas from Floraleads Gr are developed from traditional recipes and composed of herbs only, no flavors, no odors, no additives. Herbal bath teas combine benefits of herbal aromatherapy and direct application of herbal nutrients to the skin. They are used as body bath, hip bath, foot bath, herbal wrap, hair rinse and as aromatherapy herbal pillows.

bath tea sachet
Floraderm I
- hair rinse, bath tea, wrap and soak helps promote healthy scalp and hair

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More bath teas - medicinal bath tea used to combat rheumatism and arthritis, relieve joint and muscle pains
Foot baths -
foot baths or foot soaks help improve foot conditions, relieve pains and spasms

Floraderm I
promotes healthy scalp and hair, helps improve scalp conditions - Order

Herbal bath Floraderm I has traditionally been used to improve scalp conditions, promote healthy hair and combat dandruff. When used to rinse the hair after the hair wash it helps reverse itching and flaking
Ingredients: Burdock, Hops, Calamus, Oat Straw, Calendula, Nettle, Heather, Pine, Coltsfoot, Chamomile
To maintain healthy scalp use once - twice a week. Rinse hair with the rinse made of 4 oz sachet in 1 gal of water and cooled down to a comfortable temperature.
For people who experience scalp irritation after the hair wash, with symptoms like red spots, itching, flaking. For stressed scalp syndrome. Use Floraderm I after the hair wash. Rinse for 10 - 15 min with the rinse made of 1/4 lb sachet in 1 gal of water and cooled down to a comfortable temperature.
To help combat scalp itching, seborrhea, dandruff. Wash or immerse hair in the rinse made of 8 oz sachet in 1 gallons and cooled down to a comfortable temperature. Apply for 10 - 20 min every day during 5 - 6 days and every 2 - 3 days for two - three weeks. To promote the healing action combine Floraderm I with the ointment Balmflower.

Recipes of traditional medicinal bath teas
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Floraderm II helps improve skin conditions and maintain healthy skin

Bath tea Floraderm II is developed from the recipe employed for centuries to promote skin vitality, restore and maintain healthy skin and scalp, help combat eczema and dermatitis.
Ingredients: Burdock , Eucalyptus, Linden, Nettle, Oregano, Plantain, Rosemary, Thyme, Vervian.
To maintain and nourish healthy skin - take herbal bath made of 1/4 - 1/2 lb bath sachet once - twice a week
To help improve exhausted or neglected skin - take bath made of 1/2 lb sachets every third day for at least three weeks.
To help combat eczema - start with bath made with two - three 1/2 lb sachets every day for 5 days and thereafter as above .
To help improve conditions of scalp and hair. Use as a rinse after the hair wash. Wash hair for 10 - 15 min with the rinse of 1/4 lb sachet in 1 gal of water and cooled down to a comfortable temperature.
To help combat bad feet odor. Take a feet bath made of 1/4 - 1/2 lb sachet in 1 - 2 gallons and cooled down to a comfortable temperature for at least 15 - 20 min every day for 5 days and every third day for two - three weeks after.


Tranquillity - relaxing, calming bath tea. Helps relieve stress, reduce anxiety, reverse insomnia

Tranquillity helps reduce the undesirable effects of stress and dissolves anxiety. Herbs with calming and relaxing action promote healthy sleep.
Ingredients: Lemon balm, Valerian, Lavender, Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Birch, Peppermint, Linden.
Please note, the brewing time for that bath may be reduced to 10 min.
As a calming, relaxing treatment take 15 min bath made of 1/4 lb sachet.
To promote good night sleep take 15 min bath made of 1/2 lb sachet. Be especially cautious not to fall asleep in the bathtub. Have a timer on and/or someone around.

Golden Rod bath tea helps combat backaches and arthritis pains relieve joint and muscle pains
Traditionally used as remedy for arthritis, rheumatism, back and joint pains. Combine herbs with relieving, soothing action and herbs rich in volatile oils able to penetrate in the warm bath deep in the skin and provide healthy beneficial nutrients for various body systems.
Ingredients: Golden Rod, White Willow bark, Whte pine bark, Angelica root, Savory, Juniper, Heather, Sage, Oatstraw.
For use as a herbal bath, foot bath or a herbal wrap. The best time for the Golden Rod bath is the evening. Take a bath before going to bed for 30 - 40 min, but no longer than you feel comfortable. Traditionally, it was recommended to cover the water in the bath using poncho-style screen with head hole. This arrangement reduces the evaporation of precious volatile oils from the tub and keep the water as warm as comfortable. As a wrap - use for two hours, preferably staying in the bed.

Baby Bath Tea - used to help combat skin irritations, redness, reverse itching, allergic reactions.
Ingredients: Sage, Lungwort, Black Currant, Chamomile, Pine, Burdock, Calamus, Wheat, Wild Thyme, Walnut.
Recommendations: use ¼ lb sachet for baby bath, 1/2 lb sachet for regular bath

Slavonic Bath - bath tea and herbal rinse combining cleansing and restorative action. The recipe was known at the times of ancient Slavick state - Kiev Russia. Herbal formula was mentioned by contemporary writer as a bath remedy used by nobles and ordinary people to help restore body's energy, shape up and cleanse the skin. Apparently, herbs were allowed to steep for several hours in a big wooden barrel filled with warm water. The bathers would soak in the barrel and rub themselves with soaked herbs.
Ingredients: Nettle, Birch, Sage, Oregano, Soap wort.
The bath combines properties of mild herbal cleansing shampoo and restorative herbal treatment. Use 1/4 lb sachet for a rinse and 1/2 lb sachet for full bath

Fresh Heart - revitalizing herbal bath tea helps restore energy, reverse fatigue and dissolve tiredness
Traditionally used as a general tonic invigorating bath to help combat fatigue, improve performance and drive out depression. In one herbal medicine text the bath tea was recommended as a remedy for winter apathy and as a cure to restore the energy after the day of horse riding. The bath tea is also useful remedy to stimulate the body's strengths to combat respiratory conditions, such as chronic bronchitis.
Ingredients: Calamus, Peppermint, Oregano, Yarrow, Coltsfoot, Wormwood, Lemon balm, Nettle, Rosemary.
As a tonic, restorative treatment take 15 min bath made of 1/4 - 1/2 lb sachet.
To help combat chronic fatigue and exhaustion use the bath made of one - two 1/2 lb sachet for 5 - 7 days and thereafter as needed.
To promote recovery of respiratory conditions - take the bath made of 1/2 lb sachet every day for at least 1 week and stay inside for 2 hours after the bath.

Plain Oatstraw - One of the most traditional herbal baths widely used in 19th century as a treatment of choice for spasms, nervous disorders, joint pains and skin disorders. Also believed to be helpful as a supportive treatment for the people fighting with addictions. For centuries raw material (Oatstraw) was available and affordable nearly everywhere, therefore Oatstraw bath tea has a sizable history of clinical use in many countries. The most popular applications are: in Germany - for inflammatory skin disorders, in Russia - to treat rheumatoid arthritis, in France as a remedy for spasms and nervous disorders.
As a restorative treatment take a bath made of one 1/4 - 1/2 lb. sachet for 20 - 40 min or until you feel comfortable. To help improve conditions related to arthritis, or joint pains take 2 - 3 baths made of one - two 1/2 lb. sachets per week for several weeks. Oatstraw bath may be combined with any other herbal bath described here. It works well when combined or taken in turn with Golden Rod bath. Use 3 days cycle with the Golden Rod bath on the first day and Oatstraw bath on the second and third day.


You will need 1- 2 gallon cooking pot preferably with non-metal internal surface. Stainless steel pot is the second choice. Spring or distilled water will work well. If you have only chlorinated water, fill the pot with water, boil it for 5 min and let stay for 8 - 12 h before use.

Brew tub teaFill the pot with water, put the bath sachet in and let soak for about 20 min. It is acceptable to leave the sachet soak for the whole day. Bring the water to boiling and brew on low fire under the lid for about 20-30 min. Make sure that water is hardly boiling. As an alternative, brew the bath at near boil temperature for about 30 - 40 min. Turn off the fire and let steep with occasional stirring for about 30 - 60 min. It is ready for the tub.

Make the bathFill the bath tub with water as hot as comfortable, pour in bath tea and mix. The water shall acquire the color and herbal aroma. The intensity will depend of the quantity of herbs used for the brewing. The Floraderm II bath made of one 1/2 lb sachet is shown to the right. Used bath sachet may be placed into the bath.

Take the bathMake sure the water temperature is comfortable and take the bath for 15 - 30 min or until feel comfortable. Herbal baths are compatible with steam baths, vapor baths, blanket baths, Turkish baths, Jacuzzi™. Please note, more or less intensive foaming (depending of bath formula and water quality) may be noticed, when using herbal baths in combination with Jacuzzi™ or jet-equipped bathtubs. The foam is formed due to the presence of proteins and saponins extracted from the herbs and actually indicates the good quality of the brewing. Herbal proteins and saponins are the ingredients important for the bath's health beneficial effects.

Herbal wrap. Brew 1/4 lb bath tea sachet in 1 gallon of water. Use thick cotton blanket , or two blanket of regular thickness, apply for 15 - 30 min or until feel comfortable staying in a warm place

Herbal facial mask. Brew 1/4 lb bath tea sachet in 1 gallon of water. Use cotton towel, apply for 15 - 30 min refreshing the towel every 2- 3 min or until feel comfortable. Use Floraderm II to help combat acne, skin inflammations, irritations, dry skin.

Helpful tips

Our customers have suggested: After boiling bath tea sachet for 20 - 30 min place the sachet into second pot with near boiling water and let it brew for another 15 min. Use both pots for the tub. Indeed, this additional extraction will make bath tea more intense and therefore more effective. In fact in early days they used 4 - 5 gallon cooking pots, today pots are mostly about 1.5 - 2 gallon size.

Following bath additives support health beneficial action of herbal baths.

Apple cider vinegar - for oily skin use 2 cups for the bath, for mature skin use 1 cup for the bath
Honey - for dry skin and normal skin use 1 table spoon for the baths, for mature skin 1 - 2 table spoons (dissolve in hot water before adding to the bathtub)
Whole milk - for normal, dry, sensitive skin use 1 to 2 quarts for the baths

Cleopatra bath - legendary beauty bath formula utilized as restorative and rejuvenating skin care. Cleopatra was devoted to herbal beauty care ever since childhood and, according to a legend, used to take up to three different herbal baths a day. The bath was one of her routine treatments and was employed as a background for more complex herbal aromatic baths. Cleopatra bath is easy to make at home. Ingredients: milk (whole milk is preferable, fat free milk is not good), honey, olive or almond oil.
Bring 1/2 gal of milk to near boiling (do not let boil). Warm up 6 - 8 oz. of honey and dissolve it in hot milk. Add 2 table spoons of oil and mix well. Pour into the bath filled with warm water. Take the bath for 30 min or until feel comfortable. May be combined with any tub tea or aromatic bath.


Some people are hypersensitive or allergic to particular herbs, plants or vegetables. In general, you will find much more people with the allergy to apples or tomatoes, than with the allergy to a certain herb. Most common cases include an allergy to strawberries, tomatoes etc. All ingredients of herbal baths and bath oils are listed on the package, on the web page and in the catalog/product information. If one is hypersensitive to certain herbs or suspects that some herbs present in the bath formula may cause allergy we recommend to start the bath treatments with the low dose, and, before taking the bath, stir the water for a while with the hand. If you experience skin itching or rushing, when taking the bath, stop bathing and take the shower. Be especially cautious not to fall asleep in the bathtub using Tranquillity bath, have a timer on and/or someone around.
People who have problems with regular baths, like people with serious heart conditions, very high or very low blood pressure should consult health care professional before taking herbal baths. Footbath or hip bath is a good alternative in case of heart conditions or blood pressure problems.

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