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Herbal oils are traditional cosmetic aids and herbal remedies used to nourish and revitalize the skin and treat skin conditions. Beneficial effects are achieved through the combination of herbal nutrients, antioxidants and biostimulants

Herbal oils are obtained by continuous cold extraction of raw herbs into vegetable oils. The process is similar to the one used for alcohol extracts, only vegetable oil is used instead of the alcohol. Oil extracts produced by Floraleads GR are more concentrated than regular infused oils. Usually at least 3 weight part of dry herbs are used to produce 1 weight part of the herbal oil extract. That is why we do not recommend to keep oil extracts in the refrigerator as certain ingredients may precipitate or crystallize (for the same reason they do not store berry jam or honey in the refrigerator). What is the difference between herbal oils obtained by expression, solvent extraction, steam distillation or other methods? The overall content of oils in many herbs is not high enough to use the press. On the other hand, steam distillation works only for volatile ingredients and may inactivate some temperature sensitive bioactive nutrients, essential for the therapeutic action. Extraction with organic solvent is frequently used for commercial manufacturing of food additives and flavors from the herbs. Apparently, no one will argue that direct oil extraction is preferable to organic solvents for the skin care products. Supercritical CO2 extraction is sometimes mentioned as a viable alternative to oil extraction. At the same time, it has been shown that chemical composition of supercritical CO2 extracts is not identical to that of oil extracts of the same origin. Thus, CO2 extracts may be depleted in certain nutrients, found in the oil extracts, and responsible for the health beneficial action. To illustrate the difference from CO2 extracted oils, one may compare Floraleads oil extract to coffee, brewed from the freshly grounded beans, and CO2 extracted oil to an instant coffee. In fact, extracts made with organic solvents or CO2 lose some volatile and semivolatile ingredients, just like in case of an instant coffee. Volatile ingredients may be essential for expected biological effect. In fact the whole concept of aromatherapy is based on the action of volatile substances.

Last, but not least, herbal oils utilized in traditional herbal medicine are all obtained with vegetable oil extraction, the only available method at those times. Similarly, the limited amount of research and clinical trials available today, was conducted using herbal oil obtained by extraction of herbs into the vegetable oils. Therefore, all knowledge of healing effects of herbal oil, acquired over the centuries of trials and mistakes, are applicable only to oil extracts, until proven otherwise. Finally, clinical trials and scientific research demonstrating biological activity, therapeutic efficiency and safety of herbal oil extracts, conducted during last century, were not reproduced with CO2 extracts. Thus, at best it remains to be seen, how good are CO2 extracts as a substitute for traditional oil extracts.

In summary, herbal oil extract are stable, safe (with proper use) and effective preparations of bioactive herbal ingredients, backed by the history of thousands years of use as herbal medicines and anti-aging cosmetics.

Aloe oil extract - healing and restorative properties of Aloe Vera are recognized since prehistoric times and utilized around the world. It has been used traditionally to treat various skin conditions, including psoriasis, eczema, inflammations, burns and wounds. Aloe oil extract is manufactured according to proprietary biocompatible technology has rich dark green color and specific sweet Aloe aroma. Extract contain full range or oil soluble Aloe nutrients. Due to cold extraction techniques extract preserves biological activity and bioavailability of ingredients. Aloe leaves, juice and Aloe oil were traditionally used to promote healing of cracked skin, especially on the foot, as well as various bad healing skin injuries, sores, abrasions. It was also used to help accelerate the healing of hemorrhoids.

Aloe oil - 1 fl oz - $ 9.99 - - - 4 fl oz - $ 35.49 -

Calendula flowers oil extract - tonic, soothing, restorative oil, good for any type of skin, but especially suitable for dry skin. Calendula (Calendula officinalis), or Marigold oil is traditional Mediterranean skin care used to help preserve skin freshness, protect skin from overdrying, sun-induced wrinkles and sun caused aging during summer time. When used regularly the oil imparts deep olive shine to the skin, helps protect skin from age related thinning and drying out. Anti-aging properties of Calendula oil, known already to to ancient Egyptians, may be related to the high content and diversity of carotenes, phytosterols, polyphenols, EFAs.

Calendula oil - 1 fl oz - $ 9.99- - Calendula oil extract -4 fl oz - $ 35.49 -

Melissa oil extract (Lemon balm oil) - Extract of Lemon balm (Melissa) leaf in olive oil.
Obtained by direct extraction of Melissa (Melissa officinalis) into virgin olive oil. Melissa or Lemon balm oil is traditionally use as skin cleansing and nourishing treatment. Due to direct cold extraction process Melissa oil retains deep green color and attractive Lemon balm aroma. Traditional herbal medicine recognizes two major actions of Melissa: calming, relaxing, sleep promoting and anti-inflammatory, antivirus, antibacterial. Both effects have been confirmed to a degree by modern scientific studies. Lemon balm extracts are used to support immunity and help enhance body resistance to infectious agents. In fact, a number of constituents of Melissa have been demonstrated to possess antivirus properties and in several countries fractions of Melissa extract and oil are utilized in pharmaceutical preparations intended to combat skin virus infections, including herpes.

Melissa oil 1 fl oz - $ 10.99 - - - 4 fl oz - $ 37.99 -


Myrrh oil extract
(Commiphora myrrha). Extract of Myrrh tears obtained in extra virgin olive oil. Myrrh is an iconic herbal medicine, one of few specifically referred to in Bible, extensively used by ancient Egyptians, traditional Chinese, Indian and many other medicines. It also has been popular since ancient time in perfumery and cosmetics. Currently Myrrh preparations are officially approved in many countries, including Great Britain. Most known applications include treatment of ulcers and sores, weak gums and teeth, sore throat, cough. In China traditional medicine myrrh has been employed in the treatment of arthritis, sores, and hemorrhoids. In general traditional applications agree with healing, restorative and revitalizing effect on skin and mucous. Myrrh oil extract from Floraleads is manufactured in similar way with traditional preparations and may be directly applied to skin and mucous. It is different form essential oil of Myrrh, which is industrially obtained by steam distillation. Essential oil contains only volatile ingredients and is not suitable for direct administration.

Myrrh oil 1 fl oz - $ 18.99 - - - 4 fl oz - $ 64.99 -


Nettle herb oil extract. Nettle (Urtica dioica) oil was used as restorative, anti-inflammatory skin and scalp treatment, helps combat irritations, redness, itching, improve skin conditions in sensitive areas. Traditionally applied in combination with Plantain oil extract to treat persistent skin and scalp irritations. Obtained by the extraction of Nettle herb into virgin olive oil.

Nettle herb oil 1 fl oz - $ 9.99 - - Click to expand - 4 fl oz - $ 35.49 -

Nettle root oil extract - Nettle root oil have been traditionally utilized by itself or together with Burdock root to help improve scalp conditions and promote hair growth. More recently Nettle root has become popular in combination with Saw Palmetto as a dietary supplement used to help combat hair loss. Obtained by cold extraction of Nettle root into virgin olive oil.

Nettle root oil - 1 fl oz - $ 10.99 - -Click to expand - 4 fl oz - $ 37.99 --


Plantain herb oil extract Plantain (Plantago major) oil helps relieve skin and scalp irritations, reduce inflammation. Plantain is traditionally used to nourish and treat sensitive, irritated skin and scalp, help restore injured or tired skin and for continuous anti-aging treatment.

Plantain oil 1 fl oz - $ 9.99 - - Click to expand - 4 fl oz - $ 35.49 -

Rose Hip fruit oil extract - Unique herbal oil extract obtained from whole Rose hip employing low temperature continuous extraction with extra virgin olive oil. Contains liposoluble skin beneficial antioxidants and wide array of Rose hip nutrients in easily absorbed stable form. Whole Rose hip oil from Floraleads Gr is obtained following traditional methods used for centuries to produced Rose hip fruit oil for cosmetic and anti-aging skin care. The Rose hip fruit oil was believed to possess skin revitalizing and general health beneficial properties and have been used widely in cosmetics and herbal medicines. No organic solvents were used in the manufacturing process. The oil is all natural, free of synthetic or artificial additives. Its superior stability is due to the presence of multiple Rose hips antioxidants and biocompartible extraction process. Delightful natural fresh aroma, bright red color and rich array of nutrients make rose hip fruit oil one of the most popular anti-aging skin treatments. Helps rejuvenate the skin, reverse wrinkles, and maintain young fresh looking skin. Well tolerated by all kinds of skin. Traditionally used also as a dietary supplement to help improve conditions of digestive system, like ulcers, erosions, mucositis, etc. More...

1 fl oz - $ 9.99 - - Rose hips oil extract - 4 fl oz - $ 35.49

Yarrow oil. Extract of Yarrow flower in olive oil.
Yarrow have been utilized for the treatment of skin wounds and inflammations since Ancient Greek times. It's botanical name, Achillea Millefolium, is quite possible reminiscent of Trojan War hero Achilles, who, according to a legends was also a skillful healer. Achilles, as legends tell, used herbs to treat wounds inflicted on the battlefield. Yarrow was traditionally used to help stop wound bleeding and promote healing of minor wounds, lacerations, sores as well as to combat interior bleeding. The plant contains ingredients, such as azulen, with demonstrated antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action.

Yarrow oil extract - 1 fl oz - $ 10.99 - -Click to expand- 4 fl oz - $ 37.99 --

Suggested use:
To help reverse skin irritation - massage into the skin, let absorb for at least 20 min. For better results leave overnight.

To improve scalp conditions, relieve stressed scalp itching and flaking, combat dandruff - rinse hair thoroughly after the hair wash. Use spring or distilled water after rinsing with regular water. For better results continue to rinse with hair rinse made of bath tea
Floraderm I. Dry hair with towel, leaving slightly damp. Gently massage Balmflower into the hair roots in affected areas.

The samples of herbal oil extracts are shown below. Herbal oil extracts are 100% natural and contain no artificial additive, preservatives or stabilizers. Their physical stability and resistance to peroxidation is insured by proprietary extraction technology. The color or the herbal oils is due to the presence of carotenes, flavones, phytosterols and other ingredients extracted from herbs.

herbal oils herbal oils herbal oils
From left to right: Calendula oil extract, Burdock oil extract, St. John's wort oil extract, Mullein oil extract, carrier oil From left to right: Saw Palmetto oil extract, Plantain oil extract, Sea Buckthorn oil extract, Rose hips oil extract, carrier oil From left to right: Aloe oil extract, Nettle oil extract, Celandine oil extract, Chickweed oil extract, carrier oil

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