Cellulite Massage Oil


Suggested use: Massage into affected areas with upward circular strokes until the oil is absorbed. Proceed with the pressure massage with the tips of your fingers. Continue with spanking massage until skin gets red and warm. The skin should grow red with the oil massaged in and light burning sensation may be experienced transiently. If burning sensation stays more than several minutes, reduce amount of Ramasa for the next application or dilute it with equal volume of virgin olive oil. Use once - twice a day. If used before the bath or shower, let at least 20 -30 min for ingredients to absorb.

Ingredients: Essential oils of Rosemary, Cypress, Juniper, Oregano, Orange, Bergamot; Herbal extract of Arnica; Natural Vitamin E oil, Wheat Germ oil, Jojoba oil, Virgin Olive oil.

Ramasa combines stimulating essential oils and raw Arnica extract to help restore skin metabolic activity. Essential oils and Arnica extract penetrate into the skin, help activate metabolism in underlying tissues and promote burning of excessive fat deposits in the fat cells. Cleansing, nourishing, moisturizing and lubricating action of the oil helps improve overall skin conditions and appearance. All natural - no artificial ingredients.

To help improve overall metabolism consider herbal beverage Metabotropic. The treatment should continue over a number of months. As a preventative treatment, use once - twice a week.

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