Tincture of Hawthorn and herbal supplements for cardiovascular system


Herbal supplements beneficial for circulatory system
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Herbal tea Rousseau - The tea is traditionally utilized to promote healthy circulation, to help improve the tonus of blood vessels and reduce blood pressure

Sustainol - contains wide variety of herbal antioxidants in natural highly bioavailable form. Comprises herbs proven to be among richest natural sources of antioxidants and vitamins

The Tincture of Hawthorn with Rose and Calendula is traditional herbal remedy used to promote healthy cardiovascular system
Hawthorn is used in many parts of the world to maintain healthy heart and support circulatory system. According to modern clinical research bioactive ingredients of Hawthorn help improve the tonus of blood vessels and strengthen the contraction of heart muscle. Rose and Calendula are well recognized medicinal herbs and have many health beneficial applications, including support for healthy circulation

The tincture has rich, appealing taste and flavor. Traditional sources as well as modern clinical research indicate that the beneficial effects of Hawthorn on cardiovascular system develop over the continuous use. At the same time, the tincture of Hawthorn with Rose and Calendula, taken with hot tea, was popular herbal remedy in Northern Europe used to "warm up the blood" during long cold winters. More about health benefits of Hawthorn

Tincture of Hawthorn with petals of Rose and Calendula
Suggested use:
1 tablespoon (1/2 fl oz ) 2-3 times a day
Active Ingredients: Fructus Crataegi, Rosa Centifolia, Calendula Officinalis. Contains 24 -26 % grain alcohol

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Beneficial action of Hawthorn on cardiovascular system is supported  by traditional medicine sources. Positive Hawthorn effects on circulation find more and more support in current medical and scientific research. For example, Rietbrock N., Hamel M., et al. have shown that Extract of Hawthorn (Crataegus spp.), compared to placebo, safely improved exercise tolerance and quality of life in 88 patients with congestive heart failure over 3 month period. { Efficacy of a standardized extract of fresh Crataegus berries on exercise tolerance and quality of life in patients with congestive heart failure, published in Arzneim Forsch (Drug research), 2001, vol. 51(10) pp 793-798} More about health benefits of Hawthorn

Traditional sweet tinctures offer enjoyable taste and unique profile of herbal nutrients in highly biooavailable form. Tinctures are handcrafted in small batches according to centuries old recipes and rested in glass until perfect. All natural. Obtained from raw herbs. Guaranteed to contain no synthetic additives. To read more about herbal tinctures click here

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