Tincture of Mullein with Lungwort, Thyme & Licorice root
Herbal beverage to help combat upper respiratory problems and promote healthy bronchial passages

Tincture of Mullein with Lungwort, Thyme and Licorice rootPromotes healthy respiratory functions and reduces the irritability of bronchial passages. Mullein is traditionally used to help improve lung functions, relieve dry cough and soothe the irritation of the bronchi-alveolar passages. Lungwort and Licorice have expectorant, anti-inflammatory action and support soothing effect. Thyme helps combat infections of the upper respiratory tract. Four herbs together provide valuable support for healthy respiratory system. Suggested use: As a preventative treatment 1/2 - 1 oz per day. To help combat cough and reduce throat irritation take 1 - 2 table spoons oz every 2 - 4 h. To help relieve night cough take 2 - 4 table spoons before sleep.
Active Ingredients: Verbascum thapsus, Pulmonaria officinalis, Thymus vulgaris, Glycyrrhiza glabra
Tincture contains 24 -26 % grain alcohol by volume

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Traditional sweet tinctures offer enjoyable taste and unique profile of herbal nutrients in highly biooavailable form. Tinctures are handcrafted in small batches according to centuries old recipes and rested in glass until perfect.

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All natural. Obtained from raw herbs. Contains no synthetic additives.
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