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Tincture of Valerian Root
with Passion flower, Lemon balm and Marjoram

Tincture of ValerianTraditional tincture made of four herbs with synergistic calming action. The tincture is an effective remedy for relaxation, reduction of anxiety and improving of sleep quality without undesirable side effects. Folks recipe popular in the 19th century Europe offer high potency, agreeable taste and stable effect over the long period of time. It was used to help combat insomnia, reduce nervous agitation, reverse hyperreactivity, prevent hysterical episodes. Sweet tinctures offer enjoyable taste and unique array of herbal nutrients in highly bioavailable form. Tinctures are handcrafted in small batches according to centuries old recipes and rested in glass until perfect.

Valerian Root helps reduce excessive anxiety, restlessness and promotes natural sleep. In medieval Europe it was called "all-heal" and it's potency was considered unsurpassed. Modern studies have identified in Valerian root at least three groups of ingredients with sleep facilitating calming effect. Passion flower, at one time was among major export items from America to Europe due to its recognized antianxiety and stress-relieving action. Lemon Balm and Marjoram help promote calming effects and facilitate natural sleep.

Warning: Do not use before driving or operating machinery. May increase the effect of other tranquilizing and sedative agents.
Suggested use: To help comate anxiety, relieve tension take 1 tablespoon every 3 - 4 h. To promote healthy sleep take 1 fl oz . In case of severe insomnia 2 oz may be taken. To combat chronic sleeplessness combine tincture with Chamomile bath oil . Take Valerian tincture after the bath.
Active Ingredients: Valeriana Officinalis, Passiflora Incarnata, Melissa Officinalis, Origanum Majorana. Contains 24 -26 % grain alcohol by volume

Tincture of Valerian with herbs
- 8 fl oz - $ 10.99 - Add to Cart

"First aid in Flight" - Tincture of Valerian with herbs - 2 fl oz - $2.99 - Add to cart

In response to requests by our customers and to help alleviate anxiety and stress so frequently associated with modern day flying
here is Tincture of Valerian in convenient 2 fl oz vial compliant with Transportation Security Administration requirements.
We believe that taking a tincture in flight is more helpful than taking a pill, because tincture is assimilated much more rapidly in digestive system
so effect is not delayed. Also with tinctures one can regulate and adjust the dose more easily. Please note, for better assimilation

tincture should be taken before the meal or drink. And again, do not drink before driving or operating machinery.


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