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Validus combines herbs with tonic, energizing and stimulating properties. Traditional recipe offers appealing taste, refreshing flavor and attractive red to brown color. Validus is caffeine free natural coffee alternative with rich array of nutrients and herbal antioxidants.

Validus is an invigorating drink that restores and increases body tone. It provides nutritional support for the nervous and circulatory systems, helps fight tiredness, and reverse fatigue. Tonic and stimulatory effects are achieved through the combination of several herbs with different active ingredients. Therefore, Validus can be taken regularly for long period of time without either loosing its potency or causing undesirable effects. Schisandra berries, Eleuthero root (Siberian Ginseng) and Arnica were used for centuries in Manchuria, Siberia and Tibet as general herbal tonics, to strengthen the reactivity and endurance. These herbs are prized by the generations of herbalists as a potent aid in defeating tiredness, apathy and fatigue. Hawthorn provides nutritional support for cardiovascular system. Hawthorn and Arnica are traditionally used to help maintain healthy circulation. Rose hips and petals and Hawthorn berries are rich natural source of vitamins and antioxidants.

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DIRECTIONS: Validus is grounded for drip coffee maker, French press or Turkish coffee maker. Start with 1 full tea spoon per cup. Use more or less to suite your taste. For regular strength brew as a regular coffee, for maximum strength make as an espresso. Add sweetener as needed. Due to the high content of vitamin C it is not recommended to mix Validus with milk. Validus is most potent and flavorous when used shortly after the brewing. One 3 oz jar makes approximately 13 - 15 cups of regular strength.
Ingredients: Schisandra berries, Hawthorn berries, Arnica flowers, Rose hips and petals, Eleuthero root.

Additional information

For centuries herbs with strengthening and recuperating properties were formulated in a herbal blends or herbal teas to use as tonics or adaptogens. Herbal tonic Validus is developed from the recipe, traditionally used to increase general awareness and promote energy and endurance. It was selected for the potency, as effect usually may be appreciated shortly after the consumption, and the safety, since stimulatory action is achieved through the combination of several herbs, affecting various body systems. Indeed, herbal ingredients of Validus help increase energy release and stimulate metabolism, support functions of circulatory system and promote the activity of nervous system. To help maintain increased metabolic activity the beverage contains a number of antioxidants and vitamins from Rose hips and other herbs, including vitamin C and bioflavonoids. Validus naturally stimulates metabolism and due to its calories burning properties may be a helpful addition to a weight loss diet. Validus is rich in volatile ingredients, hence its appealing herbal flavor. To ensure the maximum preservation of valuable volatile nutrients, keep Validus tightly closed in dark, cool place. To appreciate the full potency and flavor use the drink shortly after the brewing.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Use of carbohydrates ?
When used as a alternative to coffee the carbohydrates or other sweeteners should be considered on the basis of personal preferences. However, when herbal tonic is employed to increase energy and promote endurance carbohydrates may be strongly recommended.

Q: Any caffeine or ephedrine?
This product is guaranteed to be free of caffeine and ephedrine. In fact, it is composed of herbs and all herbal ingredients are listed on the label.

Q: Why not in tea bags?
Our formulation studies show that the use of tea bag for this particular product reduces the extraction ratio

Q: What about milk?
Validus is rich in vitamin C (Ascorbic acid). Therefore, the use of milk with Validus is not recommended.

All Natural. Contains herbs only. No artificial ingredients. No synthetic additives

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