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Aeolian Vapor combines essential oils with sanitizing antibacterial effects Aeolian Vapor, is all natural aromatic spray combining Eucalyptus essential oil and other essential oils with attractive refreshing aroma traditionally used to help drive away air born infections. It is intended for spraying in the air or on the appropriate surface, use in steam inhalators, incense burners and as in door spray. Aeolian Vapor has two general ways of action: it sanitizes and aromatizes the air and helps bronchi-alveolar passages resist and combat respiratory infections. Sanitizing action comes through actual fighting the pathological microorganisms in the air by the active ingredients of essential oils with antiseptic and anti-viral properties. These include eucalyptol, phenol derivatives, such as thymol, and carvacol, myrtenol and many others. Needless to say, that the inhalation is the optimal way for antibacterial and anti-viral agents to help combat the infections of upper respiratory tract and lungs. Eucalyptus spray ingredients are able to help reactivate the organism's defenses and promote the functions of immune system in order to fight infections.

Ancient Greek chronicles tell that people burned aromatic plants to help combat the epidemic of plaque in Athens. From the times of deadly epidemics in medieval Europe it was noted that the occurrence of disease is lower in the places where essential oils were manufactured. Essential oils were employed to prevent and reverse respiratory infections by Roman, Byzantine, Chinese and other ancient medicines.

Aeolian Vapor , 1 fl oz - $ 7.69- -

Ingredients: Essential oil of several varieties of Eucalyptus, essential oils of Oregano, Myrtle, Peppermint, Chamomile, grain alcohol, distilled water. All natural. Contain no artificial ingredients, no artificial odors, no artificial fragrances.

Suggested Use: Spray into the air away from face. Add more sprays for larger space or if more intense aroma is desired. Aeolian Vapor is intended for in door use to help improve air quality, introduce attractive refreshing aroma, help prevent and combat respiratory infections, and promote healthy respiratory system. It is also an excellent all natural fragrance.

Warning: People with bronchial asthma should check the list of ingredients and use cautiously at first. People who are hypersensitive or allergic to any of the listed ingredients should not use this product. If unsure, consult with the doctor. Always spray away from the face. Inhale first not deeply and from the side. After several trials one should be able to figure out the most appropriate and beneficial way of use. Cat in the house: Aeolian Vapor is usually well tolerated by cats and may be used to help animal combat respiratory problems.


All natural. Contains no artificial ingredients, no synthetic additives. Not for internal use.

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