Herbal Supplements for Stress and Insomnia

Nervous system is directly involved in the regulation of body function. Old saying "All maladies come from nerves" is supported by numerous studies of the effects of stress, fatigue and anxiety on health. Mental alertness, sharpness of perception and mental health in broad sense depend on the environmental factors and nutrition. Herbal remedies, supplements, baths treatments and modification of daily routine were traditionally employed to reverse undesirable effects of stress, sleep disturbances, apathy, chronic fatigue.

Persistent sleep problems and chronic fatigue are frequently associated with disturbance of circadian biological rhythm, the internal clock that regulates periods of rest and activity, as well as many other body functions. Herbal remedies, used properly and combined with healthy diet and exercise, may help adjust, restore and maintain circadian rhythms.

Synergistic combination of herbal baths, teas and tinctures offers profound and sustainable effect against insomnia, restlessness, anxiety. Results will be even better when herbal treatments are combined with improvements  in daily pattern of activity, proper exercise and adjustments in the diet

We may have found a cure for most evils; but it has found no remedy for the worst of them all—the apathy of human beings. Helen Keller

to help cope with

Herbal tea Somnius

Bath oil Elegia
to help combat    INSOMNIA

Herbal tea Somnius

Tincture of Valerian 


Herbal tea Rousseau

Tincture of Hawthorn
to help reverse

Tonic beverage Validus

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Validus - herbal tonic beverage - Review & order
Traditional blend of herbs with general tonic and restorative qualities is formulated for use in a drip coffee maker. Validus helps combat fatigue, maintain mental alertness and the ability to concentrate.

Somnius - tea for good sleep - Review & order
The tea offers relaxing, calming, sleep promoting action and palatable taste. Traditionally used to drive away nervousness,combat insomnia and facilitate sleep.

Tincture of Valerian root with Passion flower, Lemon Balm and Marjoram - Review & order
Helps relieve anxiety, supports natural sleep. Valerian Root helps reduce excessive anxiety, restlessness and facilitates natural sleep. In medieval Europe it was called "all-heal" and it's potency was considered unsurpassed. Passion flower promote anxiolytic and stress- relieving action. Lemon Balm and Marjoram produce help achieve similar effects and are combined to produce potent tincture with antianxiety and sedative action.

Tea Rousseau - Review & order
Named after Jean Jacques Rousseau, who was dedicated admirer of Periwinkle, one of tea ingredients. The tea is traditionally utilized to promote healthy cerebral circulation, to help improve the tonus of blood vessels and reduce blood pressure. In old herbal medicine texts it was recommended as a remedy against the deterioration of olfactory perception, -a symptom suggesting possible problems with cerebral circulation in modern medicine.

Elegia - relaxing aromatic bath oil - Review & order
Blend of essential ois traditionally used to reduce anxiety, dissolve tension. Soak in the bath supplemented with Elegia to improve mood, promote healthy sleep.


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