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Traditionally all herbal oil extracts were obtained with vegetable oil extraction, the only method utilized at those times. The limited amount of research, clinical and paraclinical trials available today was conducted using herbal oils obtained by extraction with vegetable oils. Therefore, our knowledge of healing effects and skin beneficial action of herbal oil extracts, acquired over the centuries of trials and mistakes, are applicable to oil extracts, until proven otherwise. Thus, at best it remains to be seen, how good are organic solvent or CO2 extracts as a substitute for traditional oil extracts.

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Floraleads Herbal Oil extracts are produced by repetitive extraction of raw herbs into vegetable oils, usually extra virgin olive oil, in conditions optimized for preservation of herbal antioxidants, stimulants and nutrients. The process is similar to the one used for alcohol extracts, only vegetable oil is used instead of alcohol. To illustrate the difference of Ffloraleads oil extract from infused oil, one may compare oil extract with sour cream and regular infused oil with the milk. In fact, oil extracts produced by Floraleads GR are more concentrated than regular infused oils. Usually 3 - 5 weight part of dry herbs are used to produce 1 weight part of the extract. That is why we do not recommend to keep oil extracts in the refrigerator - certain ingredients may precipitate or crystallize, due to high concentration in the extract. For the same reason they do not store berry jam or honey in the refrigerator.

It is always better to see once than to hear twice. The representative samples of herbal oil extracts are shown below. Herbal oil extracts are 100% natural and contain no artificial additive, preservatives or stabilizers. Their physical stability and resistance to peroxidation is insured by proprietary extraction technology and proper storage precautions. The color or the herbal oils is imparted by the nutrients, carotenes, flavones, phytosterols and other ingredients extracted from herbs.

herbal oil herbal oils herbal oils
From left to right: Calendula oil extract, Burdock root oil extract, St. John's wort oil extract, Mullein oil extract, carrier oil From left to right: Saw Palmetto oil extract, Plantain oil extract, Sea Buckthorn oil extract, Rose hips oil extract, carrier oil From left to right: Aloe oil extract, Nettle oil extract, Celandine oil extract, Chickweed oil extract, carrier oil

Use of herbal oils in traditional skin care remedies

Why were herbal oils invented and why they remain popular in medicinal, anti-aging, restorative and cosmetic skin care for thousands years? Among the most important reason is the fact that skin is able to directly assimilate or absorb certain nutrients. Not all but the ones called liposoluble or fat soluble, that is soluble in fat, oils and related compounds. The rate of skin absorption is significantly lower then intestinal absorption, but assimilation through skin delivers nutrients and other bioactive ingredients directly to the site of action. Herbs, root and seeds provide numerous fat soluble vitamins, antioxidants, biostimulants and other nutrients essential for skin metabolism, resistance to environmental factors and self restorative functions. Herbal oils extraction provide the means to directly extract these health beneficial constituents from the natural source and obtain in the formulation suitable for direct administration to the skin. Furthermore, traditional technologies, when compared to some of more recent origin, yield the product with superior rate of preservation of nutrients as well as the stability of the product.

Healing, regenerating oils Aloe oil Sea Buckthorn oil St. John's wort oil Plantain herb oil
Tonic, stimulating oils Arnica oil Calendula oil Elecampane oil
Restorative nourishing oils Chickweed oil Rose hips oil Plantain herb oil Yarrow oil
Cleansing purifying oils Melissa oil Celandine oil St. John's wort oil Aloe oil
Hair care oils and scalp treatments Burdock root oil Saw Palmetto oil Nettle herb oil

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