Saw Palmetto ointment helps promote healthy hair
improve hair and scalp conditions, combat hair loss

Obtained from Saw Palmetto berries, ointment is traditional topical herbal medicine used to help improve scalp conditions, promote healthy skin and hair, combat alopecia. It helps revitalize scalp, revive hair follicles and reverse hair loss, improve hair strength, body and shine, make scalp less sensitive to stress and irritation. The ointments contain full spectrum of lipophilic ingredients as well as volatile and semivolatile ingredients of the Saw Palmetto berries. At the same time, it is free of insoluble and non-absorbable components of the berries. Saw Palmetto ointment provides the highest concentration of Saw Palmetto ingredients in all natural preparation for topical ( scalp) application available at this time to the best of our knowledge.

saw palmettosaw palmettosaw palmetto

The preparation of Saw Palmetto similar to an ointment was made and utilized by Native Americans to treat skin and scalp condition, maintain healthy scalp and hair and prevent hair loss. The ointment has high content of phytosterols, long chain essential fatty acid and other nutrients beneficial for hair growth, according ot modern science.

Ingredients: Saw Palmetto, Virgin olive oil, natural vitamin E. Saw Palmetto ointment contains about 10 -15 % of virgin olive oil and about 2000 IU of natural vitamin E per 5 oz jar. Natural vitamin E is added to improve the stability of the ointment and prevent the oxidation of health beneficial ingredients. Available as a plain ointment or supplemented with essential oils of Rosemary Bay and Ylang Ylang to enhance hair beneficial action.

saw palmetto ointment

Suggested use: The ointment is used to help combat hair loss and improve other conditions related to high DHT production.

As scalp and hair care - gently massage into the hair roots. If applied before hair wash, let at least an hour to absorb. For better absorption warm up before the application. Preferably, apply before going to bed and leave overnight.

Hair loss prevention. Apply ointment for 2 - 3 hours as a scalp treatment. Massage into the scalp, for better results, cover with shower cap and towel. Stay in a warm place or on the sun (protect treated areas from sun light) during the application to promote the assimilation of nutrients. Ointment may be applied for more extended time or overnight. Wash hair with soft shampoo and rinse well. If scalp is stressed or irritated apply ointment Balmflower for 2 weeks to normalize scalp conditions and then proceed with Saw Palmetto ointment. For intensive restorative treatment apply ointment every day for a 7 - 10 days and once -twice a week thereafter.

Alternatively ointment may be used as a regular hair oil, to wear during the day. The assimilation rate of Saw Palmetto nutrients in the skin is very slow, the longer ointment will be on the scalp the better is nutritional and restorative effect.

Please note. The ointment is a concentrated product with high content of active ingredients. If scalp is stressed or skin is hypersensitive, the ointment may occasionally cause symptoms of skin irritation as every high potency skin treatment. In that case shampoo and rinse the hair. Treat scalp with ointment Balmflower for a week or two. Return to Saw Palmetto ointment when scalp conditions improve.

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Keep the ointment in refrigerator when not in use. Please note, sometimes a thin layer of liquid may appear on the top of the jar. This is a normal
process related to ointment contraction and condensation. When stored at room temperature ointment may turn into semi-liquid form.

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