Herbal remedies for respiratory system
Herbal remedies traditionally used to help improve lung conditions, combat cough and bronchitis

Herbal remedies were traditionally used to maintain healthy lungs, promote resistance to infections of the upper respiratory tract, improve conditions of bronchi-alveolar passages, combat cough and bronchitis. Vitamins and herbal supplements help build effective defense against respiratory infections during high risk seasons. Combination of herbal teas and hot herbal baths were used for centuries to combat respiratory infections and promote recovery. Essential oils and herbal extract were traditionally applied as antibacterial agents to help prevent the infection. Modern studies confirm potent antibacterial action of numerous herbal essences and extracts. The important advantage of herbal antibacterial agents is that they do not induce bacterial tolerance and therefore do not interfere with antibiotic therapy.

Herbal Supplements

Herbal tea Pulmonaria

Tincture of Mullein

An ounce
of prevention
is worth a pound of cure

Personal Care

Gargle Oregano

Aeolian Vapor

Tincture of Mullein with Lungwort, Thyme and Licorice root - Review and order
Promotes healthy respiratory system and reduces the irritability of bronchial passages. Mullein is traditionally used to help improve lung functions, relieve dry cough and soothe the irritation of the bronchi-alveolar passages. Lungwort and Licorice have expectorant, anti-inflammatory action and support soothing effect. Thyme helps combat infections of the upper respiratory tract.

Malva silvestrisPulmonaria - herbal tea - Review & order
Helps improve conditions of bronchi-alveolar passages. Tea Pulmonaria was developed from the recipe used in Eastern Europe for centuries to help combat respiratory conditions, cough and bronchitis. Cough relieving and expectorant action is achieved through the combination of multiple herbs with different active ingredients. Accordingly, Pulmonaria can be taken regularly for long periods of time without either loosing its effect or causing harm.


Oregano - herbal gargle and mouthwash - Review & order
Promotes healthy teeth, gums and throat. Freshens the breath. Helps combat infections of upper respiratory tract. All natural gargle contains compounds proven to kill the bacteria that can cause bad breath, plaque and gum diseases.

Aeolian Vapor all natural aromatherapy spray - Review and order
Aromatherapy spray is composed of natural essential oils traditionally used to drive away the air born infections. It is intended for spraying in the air or on the appropriate surface, use in steam inhalators, incense burners and as in door aromatizer.Aeolian Vapor has has two general ways of action: it sanitizes and aromatizes the air and helps bronchi-alveolar passages resist and combat respiratory infections.

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